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Police cars

The Cobb County Police Department draws applicants from around the country and will work on a case by case basis to ensure that all out-of-town or distant in-state applicants complete as many steps as possible during each trip to Cobb County.

Minimum Qualifications

To be considered for employment as a police officer with the Cobb County Police Department you must:

  • Be 21 years of age - unless military or police explorer, we will accept you at 19 ½ years of age
  • Possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Be a U.S. citizen

Any of the following criminal convictions will be considered an automatic disqualification:

  • Any felony offense
  • Any misdemeanor of an aggravated nature or related to public order or decency
  • Any offense related to domestic violence
  • More than two misdemeanor offenses
  • More than one DUI/DWI and the conviction must not have been within the last five years
  • Racing or reckless driving within the past five years
  • Homicide by vehicle, habitual violator, attempting to elude an officer, or hit and run

Additional Disqualifiers

  • Less than honorable discharge from any military organization
  • Termination of employment for just cause from a local, state, or national civil service or merit system

Application Process

  • Online Application

    The application process is to be completed online when the position is posted. Once the application has been submitted, you will get a confirmation number. If the application is accepted, an email will be sent with further instructions and your application will be forwarded to Internal Affairs. Within seven business days, you will receive an email from Internal Affairs containing background forms to be completed. It is the applicant’s responsibility to check emails regarding the process.

  • Physical Agility Test

    The physical agility test will be administered by the Department of Public Safety Internal Affairs Unit. You will be emailed the date, time and location of the test prior to the testing date. Please remember to wear appropriate attire for performing the agility test to include workout clothing, running shoes, snacks and water.

    Complete a Physical Agility Test (PAT) (obstacle course) in 2:06 or less (2 minutes and 6 seconds).

    Order of Events: Run 1 ¾ Laps around Perimeter of Course & Enter the Interior of Course; Jump 2 Low Hurdles; Negotiate a set of Stairs 2 times; Jump 1 Low Hurdle; Crawl Under an Obstacle set at 2’ above the floor; Jump 6' L Ditch Simulation; Climb over 4’ H Chain Link Fence; Climb through 4’ H Window; Drag 150-pound weight (Dummy) 20 feet; Finish with 1 Lap plus 24’ Around Perimeter of Course.

    Physical Agility Test Course Diagram

  • Interview

    Once you have passed the PAT, the next step is an interview with a background investigator. A conditional offer is given to those that pass the interview.

  • Polygraph Examination & Psychological Evaluation

    To ensure honesty and completeness throughout the background investigation, a polygraph examination will be done with all candidates by a licensed examiner to verify information from their background. Likewise, to ensure mental and emotional suitability for the unique demands of law enforcement work, a written and clinical psychological exam with a licensed psychologist will be conducted.

  • Medical Screening

    Applicants will also be sent for a medical examination and drug screening conducted by a licensed physician.

  • Background Investigation

    The position of police officer is one of public trust. It is the responsibility of the Cobb County Police Department’s Internal Affairs Unit to conduct a thorough background investigation on each applicant considered for a position. This investigation includes, but is not limited to, a check of the applicant’s criminal and driving history, employment background, written and clinical psychological analysis, polygraph examination, reference checks and a final interview. A medical exam and drug screen are also required for selected applicants.

    While the department will attempt to consider individual circumstances during the hiring process, dishonesty will result with immediate disqualification.

  • Final Interview

    A final interview will be conducted with the Chief of Police and/or Deputy Chiefs and the police academy director for a final offer of employment.


What should I expect as an applicant with Cobb County Police?
Although Cobb County processes a significant number of applicants annually, you can expect to be treated with professional courtesy throughout the application process.
How long will the hiring process take?
For most applicants, depending on the complexity of the applicant’s background, the process will take from two to four months.
What will expedite my application processing?
The accurate and timely completion of all forms and the provision of any required supportive documentation will generally reduce the applicant’s individual processing time.
What will the background investigation include?
Background investigators will talk to references including family members, neighbors, co-workers, and past employers. After checking criminal, driver, and credit histories, they will verify past addresses, and thoroughly research any prior involvement with law enforcement agencies. If you have any questions or personal concerns pertaining to issues in your background such as prior drug experimentation, you should contact a recruiter or background investigator at 770-528-3812. In all things, honesty is the best policy.
Will the background investigator contact my current employer and jeopardize my job?
Your current employer will not be notified of your application until close to the conclusion of the hiring process. All attempts will be made to notify you before we contact them.
I live out of state. Will the department work with me to minimize the number of trips?
The Cobb County Police Department draws applicants from around the country and recognizes that the processing stage is often difficult for those who do not live in the immediate area. Our hiring personnel will work to ensure that all out-of-town or distant in-state applicants complete as many steps as possible during each trip to Cobb County.
Is there a residency requirement as a Cobb County Police Officer?
There is no requirement to live within Cobb County.
What is the most important value to possess as a Police Officer Applicant?
The Cobb County Police Department values HONESTY above all else. Applicants who choose to provide false information or withhold pertinent information regarding their background will not be hired.
What is your tattoo policy?
  1. Unprofessional or offensive tattoos or brands are prohibited. The following list includes, but is not limited to, the types of items prohibited by this policy:
    1. Depictions of nudity;
    2. Sexually explicit or vulgar art, words, phrases or profane language;
    3. Depict, display, reflect, or imply violence, death, or morbidity;
    4. Symbols likely to incite a strong negative reaction in any group (i.e. swastikas, pentagrams, etc.);
    5. Initials or acronyms that represent criminal or historically oppressive organizations (i.e., KKK, SS, street gang names, numbers, and/or symbols).
  2. The Department does not allow tattoos or branding on the face. The Department does not allow tattoos or branding on the head, neck, or scalp which are visible to the public while wearing the uniform and hair within the guidelines of the grooming policy.
  3. A tattoo that resembles a wedding ring is permitted on the traditional finger a wedding ring is worn, so long as the ring tattoo does not violate any other section of this policy. All other tattoos or branding on hands or fingers are subject to the provisions below:
    1. For applicants, tattoos or branding on the hands or fingers will be evaluated by the policy review committee, which will make a recommendation to the Chief of Police.
  4. The final authority as to the prohibition of a tattoo/brand shall be with the Chief of Police, or his designee.